Today is a big day for my princess,
It’s evident in her alertness and aliveness,

She’s always loved all this,
All the rush and excitement that goes with this,

Today is their Christmas party in school,
And she is kind of the organizer of their yule,

She pitched in to bring the Christmas tree,
And the nativity miniatures for their section spree,

I can visualize her at the venue,
Eyes sparkling with ingenue,
Waving her hands purposefully,
Giving instructions blissfully,

It takes me back to a few years ago,
When she was little and even then big on gusto,

It was Yuletide,
And the decorations amongst us we did divide,
I focused on everything inside,
While the others concentrated on the outside,

The little one darted in and out,
Trying to busy herself as she went about,
She wanted the tree to be dressed up in a certain way,
And I caught up in my burnish didn’t pay heed to what she had to say,

She stormed out in great fluster,
Only her very own tree could stop this disaster,
Carrying her little tree in her arms,
She gleamed as she adorned it on her terms,

The tree and she sure do share a history,
Of memorabilia it sure is a repository