Today was the school’s annual fete day,
Children poured in very excited needless to say,
Exuberance and energy surfaced at every bay,
The mood upbeat, positive and gay,

My little one was no different from the rest,
Ebullient and charged up for the fest,

She was to take part in a dance,
Twirl and swirl her hands in liu of a prance,
I was keen to see her participate,
Use the colorful pom poms to gyrate,

And when she came on to the stage,
I was simply unable to gauge,
The sudden surge of emotions that seized me,
It was like a damn that was set free,

I could not hold back the tears,
Long quelled by forced cheers,
Here was my baby struggling to sway with the beat,
When in the past she was a budding jazz treat,

But she remained unfazed by the changed situation,
Swung the pom poms with great admiration,

She has that quiet strength about her,
That constantly drives and propels her,
That enables her to take things in her stride,
My little baby my strength and my pride