The Christmas fervor pervades the school air,
All around you can hear Christmas carols blare,

Little feet scampering across the playground,
Setting up their stalls in zest abound,

I am at once transported to my school days,
When school fetes were such a craze,

We too had a music sprawl,
Called it the request stall,
Where we could request a song,
Along with a message to play along,

However there was no stage in our times,
And no live songs or rhymes,
In those days it was the good old cassettes that played,
To which children grooved and swayed,

Now it’s a fancy gig,
Everything is so big,
A top notch music arrangement,
Synthesisers, guitars, drums and all accompaniment,

Right now the children are rehearsing,
Sounds so professional and amazing,

Students crooning to the latest numbers,
Cheered along by their crew members,

It’s the final day before the fest,
A culmination of the drama and zest,
Let’s wish them all the success,
A fun filled day, God bless