Today is one of those days,
When I want to sit out in the
sun and laze,
With a big mug of tea in hand,
Not worrying at all about getting tanned,

I know this is just what I would be doing,
Were I at my mother’s with the aroma of Darjeeling tea brewing,

And every now and then some snacks would be circulating,
With the voice of my busy mother intermitting,

I can picture the look on laddu’s face,
Content enjoying every bit of the smothered embrace,

On the verandah her nanu can be seen,
Deep in conversation with other oldies just as keen,

Then at a table close to where laddu is,
Would sit all her favourite masis,
Leisurely sipping the local rice beer,
With spicy meat which they all hold dear,

Somewhere amidst this all,
A half baked manger sits against a wall,
Waiting for someone to complete it,
Provided they are willing for the idleness to quit,

Oh what an ideal christmasy winter day,
When the flowers are abloom and troubles at bay