Oh I look at these twenty somethings,
And am transported to an era and the wonderful memories it brings,

Of times when I was young,
When I was vibrant and a happy tune I always sung,

I didn’t think much,
Went with the flow as such,
And it was always good,
Things turned out pretty much as it should,

I remember getting back from office,
And in a jiffy getting ready to toast the chalice,
Slip into my fav short dress,
Arrange my hair in a careful mess,

I loved to toss my hair in a certain way,
As I walked in my signature sway,
I loved the chitter chatter of my friends group,
Spurts of giggles as we dug into our ice-cream scoop,

I remember the abundant energy I had,
Abundant emotions whether I was sad or when I was glad,

I like the way I was alive,
I liked having to strive,
I liked being enroute a destination,
I liked the ups and downs of fluctuation,

Now life is more placid,
More clear and lucid,
No more unpredictable,
Fuzzy or incomprehensible,

It’s much like a gurgling mountain stream collect,
Into a tranquil lake to reflect,
Life and it’s myriad hues,
The goods and bads and what they enthuse