Laddu was all smiles in class today,
And t’was because of the topic on which the children were having their say,

The youngsters showed great enthusiasm,
As they narrated their tales of phantasm,

The topic under discussion was food,
Good, bad, weird, interesting, anything but had to be food,

And what delight it was to see,
The children vocal and active as a busy bee,
As they ranted about their food experiences,
Clearly displaying their individual preferences,

And what was clear from all the deliberation,
Was that food was definitely the kids favourite obsession,

But one kid stood far from the pack,
In terms of food the enthusiasm she did lack,
No guesses for this unique equation,
It’s our very own laddu and for food her relation,

So there she sat with a bemused smile,
A sly twinkle in her eyes all the while,
So when she was asked to share her view,
She looked at me as if to express her rue,

When I said contrary to the rest, she’d run a mile at the mention of food,
Her eyes lit up belying her mood,
Then I added she had a sweet tooth though,
And Gulab Jamun is the one thing she’ll never outgrow,
Her smile broadened as if to say,
You bet it’d be sweets and more sweets all through the day