The paint work in the drawing room is complete,
The walls all now look new and neat,

But as I stare at the shining bright wall,
I can’t help feel there’s scope for some scrawl,

I want to break the monotone,
With leaves and branches wind blown,

Just not sure which wall to pick,
For this sudden burst of florets thick,

I want the corner wall to host this posy,
I feel certain it’ll paint a picture rosy,
It’s as if to lend a dash of color,
In an otherwise room of pallor,

I don’t want it to grab the centre stage,
Rather be tucked in the backdrop yet be a rage,

Right now I’m in the process of making others see my point of view,
And I wish I still drew,
Then I could have them all aligned,
With a scribble of what I had in mind,

Perhaps this is yet another nudge,
For me to make that long standing budge,
Take to the brush once again,
And my visual world regain