The floor downstairs is a total mess,
Stuff strewn about, dust in the air, I am indeed a damsel in distress,

It’s just the beginning,
And I’m already moaning,
I am already counting,
When the painters will be leaving,

But of course I can’t wait to see,
How the house turns out to be,
Bathed in a colour so different from the first,
It’s difficult to contain my impatience which is ready to burst,

I hope the result is what I envisioned,
I hope I will not be disillusioned,
It’s a risk I am taking,
Moved away from my usual liking,
It’s no more the ochres and browns,
Rather a shade of green that would be doing the rounds,

Well for now it’s just wait and watch,
And in the meanwhile suffer the hotchpotch