The school is buzzing with a lot of activities,
Different students warming up according to their abilities,

Athletic types on the sports field do their stretches,
As they plan and strategise for their upcoming matches,

Academically oriented gather at the reception,
Animatedly discussing their subjects option,

In fact their parents have also been called in,
To provide counselling about their children’s leaning,

As I sat there in the reception waiting,
I met a dear friend who’d come for her child’s meeting,

There they stood talking of PCB PCM commerce and the likes,
And I think of my baby’s first bus ride excitement spikes,

She was going on a school day trip,
And her joy knew no bounds as into the bus seat she did slip,
The grin on her face was a constant fixture,
The pure delight on her face a lovely picture,

While her childhood friends geared up for their next big leap,
My baby in her own way too braced herself for her next sweep,

The situation is each case may be very dissonant,
But the emotions in both very much consonant