Went to the tuck shop to pick up something to munch,
Thought a roll and coffee would be a good brunch,

While he went about heating my order,
I dug into my purse to pay for my fodder,

And as I rummaged through my untidy purse,
I realised I had only Rs 500 notes to disburse,

What was I going to do now,
The Rs 500 note was part of Modi’s anti corruption bough,

It had absolutely no value at all,
And the counter boy refused to take the fall,

But I had my empty tummy to fill,
And yet no ‘real’ money to pay the bill,

So I resorted to what I always did,
Fell back on my husband dears bid,
Made a frantic call to him to bail me out,
And sure enough he pulled me out of this drought