Music blaring in the backdrop,
Children gyrating in rhythmic skip and hop,
Their hands flung up in the air,
As they struck their dandia sticks with flare,

Oh what a pretty sight it was,
And how very lucky I was,
To be part of it all,
It was indeed quite a ball,

Then suddenly my telephone rang,
And along with it my bubble burst with a bang,
And I was brought thumping to the ground,
I got the news that my maid had not made her round,

I was immediately transported to the mundane world,
Where festivity in some obscure corner curled,
Where basic needs were not addressed,
As maids in their frivolous ways our lives messed,

I got to ironing things out right,
I immediately sought to straighten her tight,

Hopefully she got the message this time,
And we can revert to our song dance and rhyme…