How do you see advancement in life?
Is it by your bank balance or the multiple investments that are rife?

Or is it the various houses spread across towns?
Or whizzing around in luxury cars in fancy playgrounds?

All of the above come with their own baggage,
Of constant worry and irreparable damage,

You are constantly worried about dwindling bank balance,
The value of investments showing abeyance,

You are worried about a dent or scratch on your new wheels,
Of hiccups and losses in your latest deals,

Wasn’t life better when numbers meant simple calculations?
Of simple additions and subtractions?

When you went to the nearby market to buy your groceries,
Not spend hours browsing the net for best priced commodities,

Wasn’t life better when a house was the place where you lived?
Not another of your investments which needs to be preserved?

Yes I agree life’s given us the gift of choices,
But that sure brings along with it innumerable vices,

I can’t help but look back to doordarshan days fondly,
Where life was limited, simple and jolly…