Last Sunday I had a unique experience,
It had something to do with one’s allegiance,

I can confidently say I’m a person of firm faith,
Am not easily swayed or Indulge in any wraith,

I know for sure my baby will be alright,
I know it’s taking time but God is setting it right,

However when I walked into the healing meeting that day,
I doubted if a miracle was on its way,

I know deep down that God is working on my girl,
But I felt that wasn’t the day when his marvel would unfurl,

Then when the pastor told me to visit every Sunday,
I wondered why God would not listen if it was just me that did pray,

He explained that many others would join me in my prayer,
And in unison express my despair,
This would definitely catch God’s eye,
And prompt him/her to comply,

I don’t know if I bought his logic,
Because I’m convinced God is already working his/her magic,

But I also know that time is no factor for our God,
Because s/he can completely heal with just a nod,

So I wonder why s/he is taking all this time,
To restore my baby’s life in her prime…