I like their visual art department,
I wish in our school we had such an arrangement,

It’s not just painting that the children are exposed to,
There’s sculpture, clay and ceramic pottery too,

I see the depth of these art forms taught,
And I wish I could also give it a shot,

I am so glad for Miss Tulika in our school,
Who introduced me to this beautiful jewel,

Even though we had limited resources,
She always managed to pull some aces,

In the space of the monotone,
Miss wanted me in all mediums my skill to hone,

Right from pens and pencils to chalk and charcoal,
Miss made sure that in all I did enroll,

She also exposed me to colours,
I loved it and would spend many hours,
To different hues and different patterns,
All of it gave me wonderful returns,

The same painting can look so different,
If done in water, acrylic or oil paint,

I learnt the nuances of each medium,
And sought to break the usual tedium,

Miss Tulika also introduced me to fabric,
Not just as a choice between paper and fabric,

I learnt to use different forms of art on cloth,
Fabric painting, batik, tie and dye all I learnt to doth