Nursery admissions are on,
Hustle bustle mark today’s morn,

The school reception is buzzing with anxious moms and dads,
Eager children here and there and some boisterous lads,

It takes me back to my school days,
I made quite a mark so my mother says,

A tiny four year old I was then,
All pepped up to join the esteem team of hen,
Well that’s a short form for a helenite,
The proud name which was our students delight,

I remember clearly Ms Pinto took my interview,
She was nice and kind and with time my fondness for her grew,

She asked me several questions,
To which I had only one reaction,
“If you would be so kind to speak in Bengali,
I would answer them all surely ”

Ms Pinto looked at me quite amazed,
Quite impressed that I was unfazed,
At the flurry of queries in a language unknown,
My confidence intact my pluck shone…