So far it’s been a relaxing day,
Movies, good food and plenty of time for thoughts to play,

One such game led me to my school days,
When life was fun and we resorted to naughty ways,

This is a story of our PE teacher,
She stood out because of a characteristic feature,

She was strict and had a funny accent,
Worked us hard and never did relent,

It’s no wonder she wasn’t a hit with us kids,
And we looked for ways to escape her bids,

One such day as we lined up for PE class,
She peered at us from the adjoining glass,

She took a step towards us and had this announcement to make,
Today’s class some students will take,

At first we though it was some sort of kudos,
Only to realise it was her way of a penalty dose,

Even before the shock could sink in,
We were all stifling fits of giggling,

And why you might ask this shift in expression,
It was all because of the names of students in question,

Mona, Sely, Todu!
Who in our class were these, who?
Did she by any chance mean Monica, me, and Manisha Todi?
Please update sister of our names somebody