One of the highlights of boarding life was our school fete,
I can vividly recall the frenzy it brought with it till date,

The days of preparation after school hours,
Charts and posters being made at various bowers,

The school wore a festive look,
Students decorating every nook,
Desks and chairs cleared from classrooms,
Children actively burnished and took to brooms,

Stalls sprung up in classes and hallway,
The ambience they wore were festal and gay,

Who can forget nine pins, chocolate wheel and the hoopla,
Not to miss the request stall gala,

It was indeed a big day for the convent girls,
Where they got a chance to deck up and do their hair in curls,

It was a day to abandon their uniform,
And with their minis rake up a storm,

It was also a day for students of all hill schools to meet,
The energy flowing was certainly upbeat