Today in school I attended Ashkara’s circle time,
And I must say it was an experience quite sublime,

The topic of discussion was terrorism in today’s world,
And it was interesting to see how varied opinions unfurled,

While most were afraid of terrorist attacks,
And felt that security was what the country lacks,
One NRI student felt,
Things were much better here than what she had elsewhere dealt,

But the mood of the class seemed to swing,
That terrorism stemmed from a certain wing,

One declared that the only solution was
To wage a war and destroy the cause,
Some of them leaned more towards dialogue,
They felt it could help clear the fog,

But what was really encouraging to hear,
Was that it was necessary to dispel the fear,
Not just the fear in our own minds,
But also in the minds of terrorist kinds,
It was necessary not to marginalise,
Treat the minorities equally would be wise,

This they felt would inculcate love and respect,
Increase tolerance for a different sect,
This they felt was the ideal environment,
For a terrorist free world the only requirement

02 August 2016